Engineered Solutions

An industry leader in world-class optic design and military product development, the Fraser Optics’ team of engineers possess substantial experience with stabilized mobile optics and includes individuals with specific competencies in the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, as well as military and commercial product engineering, design and development.

We employ state-of-the-art equipment for analysis and testing of our products in order to perform in the harshest of environments. Through the phases of design, prototype, and production, our innovative, engineered solutions provide advanced optical performance to meet our customers’ highest expectations.

Since 2006, Fraser Optics has been engaged in intensive research and development related to its next-generation products. This substantial effort has yielded the SPOTTR, L-PETS, MONOLITE and BYLITE and armored vehicle cameras in an expedited timeframe and positioned Fraser Optics for expansion in several markets. Going forward, Fraser Optics will leverage its engineering competencies to continue to address the rapidly evolving strategic requirements of its customers.

As part of its ongoing research and development efforts, Fraser Optics is also in advanced development stages of new products addressing the evolving needs of warfighters, law enforcement officers and commercial consumers.